About Us

Established in the year 2018, Paper Money Certification Services (PMCS) a unit of Notaphily Services Pvt. Ltd. is the first Collectible Indian banknote grading company in India founded by Experienced team of high expertise, knowledgeable and dedicated professionals having experience in the field of Numismatics for more than 10 years. The organization is mainly dedicated in authenticating the genuinity and condition of the collectible Indian Paper Money.

Being a third party paper money grading service organization, PMCS guarantees the accuracy and authenticity of collectible Indian bank notes with their comprehensive guaranteed grading methods. Specialized only in Indian paper money PMCS takes consignments from around the world of the same.


Housed with the team of experts in the field, PMCS aims in ensuring and understanding the value and quality of the collectible Indian Paper Money.


PMCS came into existence when unremarkable and ordinary third-party grading was seriously impacting the astounding and extraordinary hobby of banknote collection. These graders were able to clearly and without hindrance overstate the grade of a note since there was no reliable and consistent source to check details. This inadvertently led to many counterfeit notes being purchased as genuine, instead of being recorded as fake.


It was then that PCMS was established. We are the only grading company in India for certifying Indian bank notes. The company provides you with the most reputable and best known quality slabbing material with unsurpassed security features as per international standards. We have also taken on and delivered exceptional work for Mr. Rezwan Razack’s Museum of Indian Paper Money.


The company was established in 2019 to provide a fully independent opinion of a note’s authenticity and grade. PMCS employs 2 more International graders and as well as some external consultants. Austere and stringent procedures are in place within the company to prevent consultants from influencing the grades assigned to their own submissions. The combined expertise of the PMCS grading team results


in unparalleled accuracy and consistency. The expert and impartial grades assigned by PMCS and backed by the PMCS Guarantee give buyers and sellers greater confidence, increased liquidity resulting in higher prices being realized.


Collectors and dealers around the globe have embraced the PMCS certification and, as a result, PMCS has become India’s leading third-party paper-money grading service with more than 5000 notes certified within the year. The company seems to be headed towards greater heights.

Key Facts

  • Determining its Value
  • Easy to sell (Most International Auctions sells only Graded Notes)
  • Grading Encapsulation adds protection & peruses the banknote in the same condition for a long duration.
  • Grading services have significantly advanced the banknotes hobby