Counterfeit Fancy Note

Counterfeit is as old as money itself. PMCS has graded more than 5000 notes and has come across many notes with altered numbers. The normal number notes have been altered to create fancy numbers in order to add more value to the note. PMCS graders have extensive knowledge of printing technologies of Indian banknotes and use the best equipment for detection of forgeries on the currency note.

At first view, the fancy note 36C 999999 looks fine. After observation from the professional graders, the flaws have been pointed out very clearly to prove that it is an altered note. By observing the above banknote under exceptional lights that are used worldwide for the detection of forgeries in banknotes, you can clearly see that the second, third, and fourth digit have been erased and a new digit 9 is placed above the erased numbers.

This is a close-up view with the best magnification.

This is an image under high intensity reflecting lights from above.

This image is under the number highlighting technology light.

With the advancement in printing techniques notes are altered to closely match serial numbers which are highly in demand. Such forgeries are difficult to be identified by most people. PMCS is backed by the best equipment, technology and professional graders with a vast knowledge in Indian Banknotes to identify counterfeits.

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