• PMCS guarantees that all notes certified and encapsulated in its holder are guaranteed to be genuine.
  • PMCS guarantees that certified note is graded in accordance with the PMCS grading standards.

Terms and Conditions of PMCS Guarantee

  • If any currency note is found NOT to be genuine ,Customer  may submit the note to PMCS through “Guarantee Resubmission” procedure. Once rechecking of the note is done by PMCS, if it is found NOT to be genuine then,
  • PMCS will pay the amount declared in the submission form and PMCS will also remove such note from PMCS holder. And such notes doesn’t come under PMCS guarantee.
  • If the note is over graded or under graded then,
  • PMCS will re-examine the particular note under ”Grade Re-Submission Procedure”. If the submitted note is over graded, the difference amount will be paid to the customer.

Example: If the note is graded AUNC for which the fair market value is 5000, after the Grade Re-submission procedure, if the note is UNC for which the fair market value is 8000, difference amount of 3000 will be paid to the customer with the newly assigned grade.

  • Same terms and conditions applicable for under graded note.

PMCS is committed to give a fair and reasonable solutions to its customer’s note which is determined to be NOT genuine or Over graded. If the customers doesn’t accept the solution offered by PMCS, the note will be removed from PMCS Holder and the same will be returned to the customer.

  • Fair market value is solely determined by PMCS.


Description Errors in Label: If customer finds any mistakes in the PMCS label like wrongly written catalog number, year, letter(Inset), denomination, serial number, Governor’s Signature, grade, grade description and any other, then it’s the sole responsibility  of the customer to re-submit for the error label. PMCS doesn’t hold responsibility if the note is not submitted for the same. If the customer knowingly sells, trades, transfers the ownership of  error  labeled note instead of re-submitting to PMCS then the customer is liable to the buyer for fraud and maybe subjected to the legal action.


PMCS Holder:


  • PMCS Guarantee isn’t applicable to the damaged/counterfeited holders.
  • PMCS Guarantee isn’t applicable to the notes removed from PMCS holders.
  • PMCS Guarantee isn’t applicable to environmental damage, improper placing of the graded notes.


Autograph Notes: PMCS doesn’t give guarantee on autographed notes, since it doesn’t hold authentication on the same along with the signature of the particular note. Such notes will be graded with description ‘Ink Annotation’ and Graded as regular type note.


Error Note: If PMCS grades a note as an ‘Error’, then the same will be highlighted as “Error” obverse and the description for the same will be mentioned on the reverse side of the PMCS label. If the note is not identified as an ‘Error’ then the same will be considered as an Regular issue type.