Dedicated in its service to provide authenticity, PMCS grades collectible Indian banknotes based on the “International 70-Point Grading Scale” which is considered as standard and globally used prefixed criterion.

The grading scale determines condition of the banknotes which is in circulation, which in turn prompts its value.

The grading procedure involves numerous checks through the various specialized experts. PMCS welcomes and considers the expert advice of other numismatics in the field before finally certifying the notes (if needed).

The Steps for
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PMCS believes in hassle-free services to maximize client satisfaction. Clients can download the ‘submission form’ from the website, enter the details and submit the banknote through the preferred shipping means along with the filled out submission form of PMCS.

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Any collectible Indian paper money once certified guarantees its genuinity. This eludes the possibilities of having a forged or fake banknote which are pushed out in circulation. This ensures the true value of the collectible notes. The team after evaluating the submitted note will grade and certify. The results of the evaluation along with the details of the certification excluding the image will be updated in the PMCS website within the promised turnaround time.

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PMCS ensures safe and secured delivery of the certified banknotes to the client through a reliable shipping means. After the certification done one can look up the digitally authorized certificate copy in website without the actual image of the note.